LASI Spain 20: Workshop proposals

Learning Analytics Summer Institute Spain 2020 (LASI Spain 20)

Valladolid, June 15-16 2020

Read the COVID-19 official statement regarding LASI Spain 2020

LASI Spain 2020 welcomes the organization of workshops and tutorials that enable participants to focus on a theme of interest for the LASI community.

Organizers interested in coordinating a workshop are requested to submit a proposal by filling out this form (, no later than 26 April 3 May, 2020. Successful proposals will be confirmed by 25 May 2020.

Workshops and Tutorials are expected to promote sharing of knowledge and provoke reflection on a particular topic of interest for the LA community. The organizers are encouraged to promote innovative formats, prioritizing active involvement of the participants. Workshop and Tutorial selection will be ranked according to their fit with LASI 2020 conference topics, innovativeness and overall quality. In case of overlapping proposals, organizers may be contacted to clearly differentiate them or to merge them.

The organizers must fill out the description form (, where they have to describe:

  • The title of the event.
  • Organizers: Names and Affiliations.
  • The list of topics of interest.
  • The description of the event, with its goals, methodology, expected activities.